Here's a free download of the original "The Master Key System" book by Charles F Haanel that evolved into "The Law of Attraction" and then "The Secret".  Just head over to the right hand column and look for the "Instant Access" button.

I knew I had a copy of it somewhere.  I came across the book years and years ago, so it was just a case of finding it on my harddrive! Then I realized it was a bit of a mess.  So I've tidied it up.  No… I didn't change any of what Charles Haanel wrote… not a word.

You know, there's heaps of people who have read everything they could get their hands on about the Law of Attraction, and then Oprah Winfrey introduced them to The Secret.  But they're in chat rooms and forums around the internet, complaining that nothing works for them.  And I might know why it isn't.

As Mr. Haanel comments in his book...  "The Master Key" teaching has hitherto been published in the form of a Correspondence Course of 24 lessons, delivered to students one per week for 24 weeks.  The reader, who now receives the whole 24 parts at one times, is warned not to attempt to read the book like a novel, but to treat it as a course of study and conscientiously to imbibe the meaning of each part – reading and re-reading one part only per week before proceeding to the next.  Otherwise the later parts will tend to be misunderstood and the reader's time and money will be wasted."

We're all busy and time poor, but maybe if we didn't try to "devour" this information in as short a time as possible… it might work for us.

Look now in the right hand column to see where you can download your free copy of  "The Master Key System".  Simply click on the button and decide where you're going to file it for easy access.  Then why not set aside the time necessary each week to gradually absorb these life-changing lessons.

Christine R.

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