Are you having a problem with making The Law of Attraction work for you?   If that's so, it's really important to become aware of the things which are blocking your ability to attract what it is that you want.  Focusing on what you want for a few minutes a day is not enough to deeply attract.   Let me tell you a quick story – what happened to me recently.

It's a few months ago now since I mentioned this blog, to a close acquaintance.  Let's call him Brian (not his real name but he has given me permission to talk to you about his story).   Brian had checked out the site and then this week gave me a call asking, “How can I get the law of attraction to work for me fast?”  
He mentioned that he was in trouble; had lost his job shortly after we last talked and had been unsuccessful so far in finding another.  He also admitted he was now behind in his mortgage payments and had no family locally to turn to.  I could feel his nervousness and anxiety and understood that he was willing to try just about anything to get his life back on track.  
He kept saying, “I have applied the law of attraction and I've been working on it for weeks now, but it’s just not happening for me. Why is it not working for me?"  After quite a chat we discovered an important key factor that I was sure had a lot to do with him being unsuccessful with the law of attraction.
One question I asked him which came as a surprise to him was, “How do you spend your free time?  When you're not job hunting or looking after your home?”  To his mind, his free time hadn’t anything to do with applying the law of attraction.  He told me of his best friend who had been home sick for nearly a year and had not been working.  The two of them were spending quite a bit of time together talking about life and all the frustrations that came with being out of work.  
He didn't seem to realize that while engaging in his friends frustrations he was also locking himself into the same sort of "attraction" as his friend.    When I mentioned that he had been focusing a lot of attention on his lack of money and lack of work and that this could be causing his failed efforts in gaining results with the law of attraction, he told me that he visualizes what he wants everyday for at least five minutes.  
Brian clearly didn't understand the science behind the law of attraction which is, that the greater amount of focus to anything, would determine his attraction.  Since he spent only five minutes or so on what he did desire, but a good part of the rest of his day on the things he didn't want… he continued to get more of what he didn't want. 
He didn't seem to understand that it didn't matter if he was just talking about it with his friend or watching negative news about employment rates, etc., on television and being filled with anxiety as he talked about it or watched, it was all an "attraction".
“So how do I focus more on something that isn't there yet?”   "Surround yourself by it", I told him.  "Since you're not working and you want to attract more money and a better life, spend more of your time with people who are happy with what they are doing.  People whose lives are on track.  People who are positive".  
"Reduce the time you see and speak of the things which remind you of lack of money and failure.  In fact, try to limit the time you spend with that friend… not for good; only until you can make the changes that you want.  The law of attraction will reward you for it".
To successfully apply the law of attraction it takes pre-creating what you want.  That simply means that you must first energize yourself to the same level of the thing you want to attract in your life.  Sometimes that also means cutting out the people or places that are in opposition to what you want to have; those people or experiences that you find negative.  
To help Brian get back on track, I persuaded him to accept a copy of Rebecca Stuarts' "Discover The Law of Attraction".  He didn't want to take it at first, but I told him he could send me something for it out of his first pay packet in his new job.  And then I thought about how close it is to Christmas and how many other people are also struggling with applying the Law of Attraction.  
So here's an early Christmas Gift for you.  Go take a good look at DiscoverTheLawofAttraction and if you believe it could help you, don't buy it from the site… come back here and click this link for a full 50% off.
I thought Rebecca's price was unbelievably good value to start with, but with the 50% off that she's been good enough to make available to readers, that reduces it to just $18.50 for 30 eBooks that show you literally step by step how to have The Law of Attraction work for you… and heaps of bonuses including "The Path to Positive Thinking", "Taking Personal Responsibility" and "Achieving Happiness" to name a few.
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Christine R.
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