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Stop Procrastinating
Stop Procrastinating

Who Else Wants To Stop Being A Slave To Procrastination?

No matter what you do, what you promise yourself, you never seem to be able to get your work, chores or projects done. It can happen to the best of us and it's a hard habit to break.

The 53 page eBook "Stop Procrastinating" will teach you all the tricks, methods and strategies for beating this bad habit.  This Master Resell rights eBook includes:

* Self Evaluation
* Procrastination at home, school and at work
* Procrastination and human relationships
* Self Improvement
* Bonus Tips
* & More.

You can break this habit.  Go ahead... make the decision to do this now.

Foundations Of The Secret
Foundations Of The Secret

You've heard of "The Secret", but did you know that it was adapted from a book written by the recognised "Father of Personal Development" Charles F Haanel, some 80 - 90 years previously?

Learn from the original teacher, who put his knowledge and insight together in a 24 part course; each part to be considered and absorbed before continuing.

We believe that everyone interested in achieving their dreams and goals should read this book. We've priced it accordingly.

Learn from the Master... the "Master Key System". 139 pages of inspiration, motivation and direction.

Audio Adrenalin Affirmations
Audio Adrenalin Affirmations
These Audio Affirmation Products Unlock The Secrets To Achieving ANY Goal You Want In Life! What If You Have The Tools And Techniques You Will Ever Need To Set All The Right Goals... And Get Any Result You Want In Life?


* Affirmations Intro 4 mins 01

* Financial Freedom 4 mins 01

* Goal Setting 5 mins

* Habits & Subconcious 5 min 01

* Health & Wellness 8 mins 02

* Marketing & Business 4 mins 48

* Positive Thinking 6 mins 44

* Relationships 4 mins 48

* Self Discovery 4 mins 49

* Spiritual 5 mins 53

Bonus: Not used affirmations before? There's a 9 page Bonus "Using Affirmations" Guide. Add the mp3s to your player and listen whenever you can. Print out the individual affirmation booklets and read them out loud often.

Ace With Affirmations
Ace With Affirmations
A step by step, 27 page guide on how to be effective in using affirmations

With the strategies you are about to learn you will have no problems in discovering the truth behind using affirmations!

Affirmations may help you to alter adverse behaviors or achieve goals, and they may likewise help undo the harm caused by damaging scripts... those things which we repeatedly tell ourselves (or which other people repeatedly tell us) that add to a negative self-perception.

In this book, you will learn all about:

• Affirmation and Visualization

• What Holds You Back

• How To Protect Your Energy And Stay Present

• Your Psyche And Desire …plus much more.

Transforming Your Life
Transforming Your Life
Learn how to be successful in all areas of your life! 32 Page eBook includes:

* Understanding What the Law of Attraction Is.

* Happiness... The True Goal.

* Getting Clear & Stating Your Intentions.

* Motivation & Breaking Through Plateaus.

* Meditation.

* Psycho Analysis In The Meditative State.

* Visualization.

* The Creation Process.

* Daily Steps.

Bonus "Life Transformation" mp3.

Online Entrepreneur Mentality
Online Entrepreneur Mentality

You want a successful career online? The first thing you need to know is exactly why so very many fail. And what it is that you need to do... to succeed.

This 35 page eBook includes:

*Why do so many internet startups fail today?
* The cornerstones of successful internet entrepreneurship
* The keys to continuous growth and expansion
* The razor edge difference between work and deals
* It's your call now: Take action!

Don't make the mistakes that countless others have. It's your time to shine!

Learning How To Say Your Piece Without Getting Angry or Upset Is A Key Life Skill! 21 page guide to standing up for yourself includes:

* Understanding Assertiveness.

* How Assertive Are You?.. 10 Questions to Find Out.

* Being Assertive at Work.

* How To Say No and Be Assertive In Social Settings.

* When To Say No.

* How To Raise Assertive Children.

Self Improvement Journey
Self Improvement Journey
Your Self Improvement Journey Starts Here.

New eBook of 30 information packed pages:

* The Untapped Power of Your Mind

* Self Improvement & Success - Hand in Hand

* The Importance of Improving Yourself

* Building Self Esteem

* Spiritual Growth: The Spiritual Challenge of Modern Times

* Motivation: The Heart of Self Improvement

* Unlocking Your Self Improvement Power

* Crash Course - 7 Day Program to Self Improvement

Seven Self Help Guides.
Seven Self Help Guides.
Discover 350 Powerful Self-Help Tips & Tactics You Can Use To Improve Your Life Right Now...


* 50 Wealth Tactics

* 50 Better Health Tactics

* 50 Law of Attraction Tactics

* 50 Spiritual Tips

* 50 Time Management Tactics

* 50 Tips For Better Relationships

* 50 Vision Board Tactics

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