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After The Breakup
After The Breakup

Discover the strategies of moving on and taking back control of your life.

Everyone, no matter who, has the power to move on. You just need to have the right tools and strategies for making it happen.

This 22 page info packed report includes:

* How to share your feelings
* Understanding the hate phase
* Your journal
* Getting organized
* Getting rid
* No lying around
* and more.

Bonus Report: "Learn To Love Yourself." Ten ways to loving yourself. And some suggestions on spoiling yourself too.

This could be the first day of your new life.

Would You Like To Be Newlyweds Again?
Would You Like To Be Newlyweds Again?

Is your marriage less than what you expected? Have you wished you could again feel the way you did when you were newlyweds?

The step by step 70 page eBook that all married couples should have, includes:

* Why do marriages fail?
* Is your marriage in trouble?
* Starting down the road to romance
* Thinking for a healthy marriage
* Living For Your Marriage
* Even more ways to reconnect
* Advice for the romantically challenged
* Romantic things you can do
* Fighting fair
* Great ways to spoil your partner
* Massage can make the difference

You were happy together once. A happy marriage is a very real thing... and it's something you deserve. Learn how to win back your partner and re-ignite the passion in your once happy marriage.

Friends Forever
Friends Forever
Developing And Keeping Positive Friends For The Long Term! This 22 page eBook includes:


* Are You Prepared For Additional Companions?

* Where To Search

* Beginning Friendships with New Individuals

* Watering the Sapling of Your Friendship Fern

* Taking It Further

Claim Back Your Ex
Claim Back Your Ex
Is your relationship over? All is not lost! Discover How To Claim Back Your Ex And Re-Ignite That Missing Spark In Your Relationship!

This 52 page eBook is packed with information:

* Taking A Time Out Is The Best Thing To Do

* How Does Your Ex Measure Up?

* Dump The Old Baggage

* Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

* How To Get Your Ex To Fall For You Again

* Who Makes The First Move?

* Getting To Know Each Other Again

* When To Know You're Ready To Have "The Talk"

* Constantly Nurture What You Have

* When To Move

On Bonuses:

12 page report "Art Of Flirting"

9 page report "Renew Your Relationship"

11 page report "Rekindle Your Romance"

The Befriender
The Befriender

Conquer any challenge without fear and make a whole lot of friends by tapping into these secrets to building total confidence. Confidence is a learnable skill. If you don't master the skill of building powerful confidence, you won't live life to your fullest potential. This 33 page eBook includes:

* Getting People To Like You

* Build Your Confidence

* Know What Kind of People You Want To Spend Time With

* Strike Up A Conversation Wherever You Are

* Make A Good First Impression

* Don't Come Off As A Taker

* Being Genuine

* Don't Dominate A Conversation

* A Lonely Life Is A Sad Life

Better Communication
Better Communication

Improve your listening and you can watch your relationships develop, and success begin, almost effortlessly!

Active listening is not just a skill that belongs in a business or other professional environment.  It is useful for anyone who seeks to improve the quality of their communication with other people.


Only when you begin to actively listen will you realize just how much you were missing previously.

This 26 page eBook includes:

* Why It's So Important To Actively Listen
* Common Barriers To Active Listening
* The Four Components of Active Listening
* Improving Your Active Listening Skills
* Reflective Listening

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