Welcome to “The Secret… Solved”.  I’m Christine Robins and I was lucky enough to discover "The Law of Attraction" even before "The Secret" evolved from it.   Since then I've become a huge fan and learned enough to know that there's more to achieving success, achieving your dreams, than each of them can offer. 

The journey has been exciting and fulfilling.  It's constant effort, it's a discipline, it's a feel-good habit and… it works!

Friends and family over the years have asked "where do we start with the Law of Attraction?"  But it's not just understanding what the LOA or “The Secret” is all about, it's also deciding what it is about yourself that you'd like to change.  

Is it relationships that you have problems with?  Or does your self esteem need to improve before starting something new? Or maybe it's stress that's taken over your life.

And that's how this site, "The Secret… Solved" has evolved.  As family and friends asked for help, it became increasingly obvious that there's no fix that suits everyone.  It's a journey… and yours can start right here if you're ready to commit to change.  

Take a look through the "Your Journey" section (see it to the left).  If your answers aren't there yet… I'm still working on selecting more of the best assistance and solutions to particular personal problems.  Bookmark us and make yourself a promise to visit regularly.  

Put your headphones on and enjoy a motivational message or two… see “Listen” to the left.  And check the “Tutorials” page for the first of a series of free information products I hope you’ll enjoy.

Coming Soon:  “The Solutions Club”.   Watch this space.

You know, if I come across a new and interesting site, the first thing I want to know is "who owns this?"  I feel more confident in using the site if I know a little about the people behind it.  So…

Who Is?

Then there's the questions you may have.  We've had quite a few queries at our Help Desk since we launched the site this month.  Questions like…

"What is the RSS Feed on the site?"

"How do I participate on the site?"

"What's the Be Social, Share section?"

"Why do I have to register to comment?"

"I've noticed the Affiliate Login.  What's that about?"

"The Shopping Cart.  How does it work?"

… and more.

The answers…Q & A.

On every major site… there are the boring bits that the legal advisors insist upon. 


Terms & Conditions



Left clicking on the individual blue links will take you directly to the information as a new page.  Simply close that page when you're finished and you'll be right back on this page.

Thanks for being here.  Consider joining our growing community.  Get involved.  Leave your comments.  We can all use a little input, a little help along the way, a little compassion.  And it’s your comments that will influence what happens here.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you.   Again… Welcome.

If you've more questions… join in the conversation on the site or head for The Secret Solved section to our Help Desk

Looking forward to getting to know you.

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