I've seen so many people 'beat themselves up' as they learn about the Law of Attraction or The Secret and try to apply it in their lives. Why are they so hard on themselves? 

When their desire doesn't materialize in a few days, they think that they aren't doing it right or that they don't believe enough. They are under the impression that in order to receive, they must have 100% belief – no doubt at all.  And so they try to convince themselves, and the Universe, that they DO have 100% belief – when they know, in their heart, they don't.

Have you studied The Law of Attraction and bought "The Secret" too? Are you one of the many who've tried everything they can think of to have The Law of Attraction work for them… but it just doesn't?!

Here's the good news! I was asked to put a limited edition bonus pack together for a new product "Discover The World of Attraction".  So I was able to take a really good look at the product itself.  And for all of you right now thinking "but I know all about the LOA… just not how to make it work"… you will soon.

"Discover The World of Attraction" is an in-depth look at what you need to know about yourself (yes… really!) to have the Law of Attraction actually work for you.

The possibility has probably already occurred to you that it was something to do with you personally… why the wishes and dreams you've been "putting out to the universe" just haven't come to fruition. You were right. You're where it all starts… but it's knowing how. With the right advice, whatever you want in life will start to become your reality.

Go take a look at "Discover The Law of Attraction" and start to believe that it's possible for you to have what you've asked for.  All you need to do is tip the scales slightly by learning what it is that's holding you back, and you'll begin to notice small (or big) evidence that your desires are on their way.

By the end of those thirty, easy to follow lessons, you'll know exactly what you need to do. If you can believe… you will receive.

And wait until you see what I put together for that huge bonus!  Check it out by clicking here.

Christine R.




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