Funnily enough, laughter has several great physical effects on your body.  When you laugh, up to 80 muscles in your face, abdomen and chest are used, and your pulse rate temporarily increases.  In a nutshell, laughter is a mini-workout for your body and a great way to keep your skin looking great.

Laughter is also a workout for your mind.  When you laugh the levels of stress hormones in your body decrease, making you feel pretty fabulous and rejuvenated.

In addition, laughter has other positive health effects.  US based research has determined that laughter may help to protect against heart attacks, while a Japanese stuydy has highlighted that laughter may play a role in controlling blood sugar levels.

What you can do:  Throw your head back and try a 10 second belly laugh now.  Doesn't that feel good?

To keep the laughter alive in your life, spend time with friends and see a fun movie or a live comedy show.  You deserve it.

Christine R.

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