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Weightloss Without Starvation
Weightloss Without Starvation

You've been meaning to do something about that excess weight. Yes?  It's not going to go away by itself!

And you don't have to starve yourself to achieve that slimmer figure.  This 71 page eBook gives you stacks of information, plus easy recipes that the family won't realize are slimming!  Chapters include:

* Why are we so overweight?
* Metabolism and your weight
* Getting into the right mindset
* Diet companies and fad diets?
* Getting started
* What to eat
* Forbidden foods for weightloss
* Grocery shopping for your diet
* Exercise and weight loss
* An exercise routine
* Toning exercises
* Exercises for cellulite
* Walking for weightloss
* Other forms of exercise
* Counting calories
* Recipes for weightloss.

BONUS! 6 page Guide "How To Read Food Labels".  

Everything you need to know about serving sizes and the nutritional values, calories, salts and fats in products. Be informed. Make the right decisions. And you get to share this info with your friends.


Exercise Without Effort
Exercise Without Effort

If you like the idea of losing a few pounds, stopping aging in its' tracks, shaping a more flexible or sexier silhouette, but can't fit gym or workout sessions into your schedule...

This 39 page eBook (with master resell rights) includes:

* Some sensible precautions
* Walking is a good start
* Working out in the house and garden
* Swim like a fish
* Skip to be fit
* Stretching, bending and toning
* Yoga
* Unusual exercises you've never thought of
* and more.

36 Ways To Eat Yourself Slim
36 Ways To Eat Yourself Slim

Fat Burning Basics & Foods.

This 25 page report leads you through all you need to know about fat burning... and then lists heaps of fat burning foods and potent foods.

Comes with master resell rights. Know someone who needs this information? Put it up on your site and sell it.

101 Steps To Losing Kilos
101 Steps To Losing Kilos

Who Else Could Use 101 Steps to Losing Kilos and Keeping It Off!

You've been putting it off too long. Hey, everyone needs to lose weight from time to time. You're no different!

The world is over-saturated with temptation. With a McDonalds or Burger King on every corner, how is one supposed to keep the weight off? And now that technology has become so advanced, we're starting to have less and less opportunity for physical activity. What is one to do? Stop eating? Work out three times a day! NO!!!

There is something you can do about it, however. 31 info packed pages in "101 Ways To Losing Kilos" and the 21 page BONUS "Understanding Your Body" will have you on the way to slender in no time.

Fitness Fundamentals
Fitness Fundamentals
Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Permanently And Finally Get On The Road To Being Fit! This Book Is A Valuable Resource... The Ways To The Basics Of Staying Healthy! This 21 page Guide includes:

* Being Healthy Basics * Accepting That You Have To Live Right

* Some Kind of Exercise

* A Balanced Diet

* Stop Polluting Your Body & Mind

* The Importance of Keeping Mind, Body & Soul Healthy

Bonus: "About Getting In Shape" Report

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