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How To Heal Your Stress
How To Heal Your Stress

Everyone has some form of stress or another. Is yours manageable? Or do you need some help in working towards less stress in your life?

60 page eBook includes:
* Blocking behaviours that keep your stress alive
* Is it stress or anxiety?
* Panic attacks and dealing with them
* Calming yourself with visualizations
* Using music to beat stress
* Self hypnosis for stress.
* Stress Management
* How and why to say "no".
* Taking a break
* Relaxing at work

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to minimise the effect stress is having on your life. Yes, you can do this.

Stress Survival Super Strategies
Stress Survival Super Strategies

If You Want To Skyrocket Your Success And Improve Your Overall Life... Take A Look At Stress Survival Super Strategies.

You know why most people have a tendency to not achieve the success they desire in their overall life? It's because they don't know that your mood and mental well-being affects every part of your life for better or worse. Reduce mental trauma by focusing your alignment on positive thoughts!

This 32 page eBook includes:

* Is it possible to live without stress?
* Three primary reasons for stress and depression
* Knowing how to cope with stress
* How physical activity can reduce stress
* Other ways to alleviate stress

Overcoming Stress Naturally
Overcoming Stress Naturally

Are Anxiety, Tension & Stress Preventing You From Living Your Life?

This 42 page eBook is stacked with information:

* What to tell yourself mentally to turn off the alarm bells that trigger that “fight or flight response.”
* How to breathe properly so that stress is not able to get it’s foot into our emotional door.
* The “stand back and count to ten” method of dealing with stress.
* A very special way that can teach you how to train your stress reactions so you are not hurt by them.
* How to prevent your muscles from tensing up so that the severity of your stress is reduced.
* An exercise to completely relax your entire body so you are less vulnerable to the uncomfortable consequences of experiencing too much stress.
* How to use visualizations to relieve yourself of stress
* Ways to call up your visualization skills whenever you feel “hot under the collar” or that you might overreact due to stress.
* How to practice Raja Yoga to achieve a state of radiant calm and peace.
* How to use the basics of cognitive psychology to train yourself not to overreact in stressful situations.
* How changing your thoughts can change the feelings that cause stress.
* How feelings of low self-esteem or worthlessness can contribute to an inability to handle stress.
* How training your mind to look for solutions rather than focusing on the disaster itself can help you fight off stress.
* How to prioritize what you worry about and fight battles that are worth fighting.
* How to use positive thinking to combat tension and anxiety.
* How becoming too self-centered and too self-absorbed can elevate your levels of stress.
* How to use biofeedback, a non-medical process by which you learn what your body is doing to relieve stress.
* Why having a good sense of humor is a great weapon against stress.
* The role that St. John’s Wort can play in relieving tension and anxiety and a breakdown of the sometimes dangerous side effects that are associated with taking this herb.
* How to use Passionflower to combat anxiety and insomnia.
* The role that calcium and magnesium can play in calming your muscles, nerves and brain chemistry so that you are not stressed out.
* A list of essential oils that can be added to your bath to increase your capacity for relaxation and serenity.
* And a whole lot more.

BONUS! 6 page guide "How Exercise Helps With Stress!"


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