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PostHeaderIcon Ow!

Sorry everyone… it's been a little quiet on the blogging front for me lately.  It's weeks ago now that I thought I'd injured my left shoulder.  Had to be the left one… I'm left handed!  But the doc tells me that it's osteo arthritis.  Not the best news I've received.  Won't bore you with the details, but it's meant that typing is painful until treatment helps.  No research, no writing, no posts.  So, forgive my absence while this gets better.

In the meantime, while you're here, why not have a roam around.  Check down the left hand column for the complimentary audios under "Listen" and the "Download a Free Copy" area.   There's lots to check out and a whole lot of help available in "Your Journey".

Was feeling a bit "down."  This picture cheered me up no end.  You'd agree???


I'll keep this short… typing with one hand doesn't encourage long messages.  I hope your year has started just the way you wanted it to. 

Christine R.


Success is getting what you want.  Happiness is wanting what you get.
Dale Carnegie


PostHeaderIcon Will Your New Year Resolutions Last?

Making new year resolutions!  How many times have we all made resolutions for the new year – and given up almost immediately?  How familiar is that?    So, here's a helping hand for 2013.  Could be that these five tips just might help you succeed this time.

1.  Select and define your goals…
If you're trying to change your behaviour in some way, decide in advance what it is that you're going to achieve… and stick to it.  In fact… write it down and use it as an affirmation.  For example, you might set yourself an exercise goal of five days a week.  Perhaps a three drink limit on a night out.  Or allow yourself just one chocolate bar a week.  Don't kid yourself that "just one less" or "just one more" won't make a difference.  It will.

2.  Go Cold Turkey for a time… 
Stop the behaviour you're trying to change, altogether, temporarily.  Say you decide to abstain from caffeine,  alcohol or chocolate for four weeks as a start to your new year resolutions.  Doing this makes it much easier to moderate your intake in the future as it helps break that instinctive, habitual activity.

3.  Stop and think…
In that moment when the temptation appears – and it will – pause before you act.  Go do something else, or tell yourself again the reasons why you're trying to abstain or change.  Focus on the positive benefits that this change will bring to you.  Wait five minutes.  By then, the craving will probably have passed.

4.  Reward Yourself…
As each weekly and monthly milestone that you've set for your new year resolutions passes, and you've remained true to your goals, treat yourself to something special… and leave the guilt at home!  You deserve it.  Focus on what you have already achieved – success breeds success. If you slip up, don't punish yourself or use it as a reason to give up altogether (that's the "I just can't do this" excuse).  Just start again immediately. 

5. Choose Your Friends Wisely…
We tend to imitate the actions we experience around us.  If your current friends are all engaging in the negative behaviours you're trying to steer clear of, how would it be if you remove yourself from temptation, for a while at least?  Why not surround yourself with positive people whose attitudes towards life inspire you?

Realise that it's going to be hard at first.  These might be habits and behaviours that you've been indulging in for years!  Just decide that you can do this… then get on and do it.  Ready?  Grab a pen and paper and set those new year resolutions now.  Have a wonderful 2013.  May it bring you everything you're wishing for.  Good luck.


P.S.  Check the last post "A Merry Christmas Gift" before the last tick of 2012 when it expires.  Don't want you to miss out.


PostHeaderIcon It’s Spring!

It's true!  Down here in the southern hemisphere… it's springtime.  My favourite time of year.  It's the balmy days and slightly cool nights; the huge blue skies and the first spring flower fragrances in the air.  What's not to love!

Let me share a couple of favourite springtime sayings and a poem…

"It's spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you've got it, you want – oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"   ~Mark Twain
"The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring".  ~Bern Williams
"Spring"   A poem by  Karla Kuskin
I’m shouting
I’m singing
I’m swinging through trees
I’m winging skyhigh
With the buzzing black bees.
I’m the sun
I’m the moon
I’m the dew on the rose.
I’m a rabbit
Whose habit
Is twitching his nose.
I’m lively
I’m lovely
I’m kicking my heels.
I’m crying “Come Dance”
To the fresh water eels.
I’m racing through meadows
Without any coat
I’m a gamboling lamb
I’m a light leaping goat
I’m a bud
I’m a bloom
I’m a dove on the wing.
I’m running on rooftops
And welcoming spring!

And lastly… from my favourite funnyman…  Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  ~Robin Williams.  And isn't that the truth!

Happy springtime to you.
Christine R.


PostHeaderIcon Enjoy Life More…

A famous quote… "Two men look out through the same bars: one sees the mud, and one sees the stars."  So says Frederick Langbridge in his "A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts" (which, if you're interested, you'll find at Google Books and probably Amazon). 

Life is filled with choices.  Is yours a pessimist’s view; living a self-defeated life or do you take the optimist’s route, enjoying a challenging and fulfilling life?  Let me ask you… if you’ve placed second in a contest, do you jump for joy and push for better results the next time or are you discouraged and find an excuse not to do this again? 
Optimism provides a positive mood and a good life. It allows you academic, athletic and occupational success as well as good health and a potentially longer life.
Rates of depression and pessimism have never been higher. It affects middle-aged adults the same way it hits younger people. The age of onset has gone from 30 to 15. It is no longer a middle-aged housewife’s disorder but also a teenager’s disorder’ as well.
It really pays to be an optimist.  Optimists expect the best… from themselves and from others.  While pessimists tend to believe bad events are their own fault. 
Optimists are confronted with the same hard knocks as the pessimists of this world. What's different is the way they deal with their misfortune.   They tend to focus on and plan for the 'problem' at hand. They use 'positive reinterpretation.'  In other words, they interpret any negative experience in a way that helps them learn and grow.  They're unfazed by a bad situation. They see it as challenge, and try harder.  They don’t say “things will never get better,” or “If I failed once, it will happen again.”  If they fall, they stand up again. They see opportunities instead of obstacles.  And people respond positively to optimists.
Optimists are proactive and less dependent on others for their happiness. They usually draw people towards them. Their optimistic view of the world can be contagious and it can influence the people around them.
Optimists persevere. They don’t give up easily.  They're also known for their patience, inching their way a step closer to that goal or dream.  Optimists also tend to be healthier and live longer.  Simple pleasures and a positive outlook can cause a measurable increase in the body's ability to fight disease, so their health is usually good. They age well; are freer than most people from the usual physical ills of middle age. And they get to outlive those prone to negative thoughts. 
Have I described you?  Are you one of life's optimists?  Or have you been suffering as a pessimist?  You're the only one that can change this.  It really is just a state of mind.  Your mind.  Why not decide to be an optimist?  And think positively towards a more fulfilled life.
Why not look forward to success in all your endeavors?  Why not be resilient?  Like everyone else you are bound to hit lows sometimes… just don't stay there.  Carry yourself out of "the mud" and get back on the right track. 
The next time you find yourself with the blues, try giving yourself a good talking to. This is something that has worked for me for years.  Try "this isn't me!"  And "come on (your name) what's the positive side to this?"  Or "How do I improve this situation… now?!"  Find something that works for you, before that usual pessimism really takes hold again.  
Use this technique every time you find yourself miserable… for whatever reason.  There's no magic solution.  If you've spent most of your life as a pessimist, it's going to take work.  And time.  But the rewards are huge.  Can you imagine living your life as a hopeful, happy, confident person?  Expecting the best and seeing the best in everything?
Decide that this "miserable person" isn't you.  Remove those dark glasses and start to see life on the bright side.  Would today be a good day to start?
Christine R.
P.S. I've been thinking about what I could do to help.  If you believe that your overall pessimism may be due to stress, perhaps I can.  It's darned hard to be optimistic if you're stressed out.  Go to the Stress Relief section under the Health & Wellness heading above here.  There are three terrific products there to help with stress.  Decide which one suits your particular needs and click on the "Click Here to Order Now" button for that one.  You'll see a section "Enter Coupon Code".  Enter "60%off" without the inverted commas; click "Apply" and you'll see the amount reduce to the new, much lower figure.  I can't leave it like this for long. Just until the next time I post, in a day or two.  If you think it's stress that's holding you back… check this out now.
"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." – Colin Powell

PostHeaderIcon “Being Happy” Can Be Easy…

For the lucky ones, happiness comes easily, but for most of us, it's something we need to work at.  The good news is that it's not hard, if you know how.  By practising the principles of the CHOOSE philosophy, you can boost your happiness and your wellbeing.

Clarity (of goals, direction and life purpose).  Set clear targets and make specific plans to ensure they become reality.
Healthy living (activity and exercise, diet, nurtrition and sleep).  It's hard to be happy if you're sick and tired all the time.  Do whatever you can to be healthy and you boost your chances of cracking a smile.
Optimism (positive, but realistic, thinking).  Happy people see themselves and the world differently.  They search for more positives.  This is a learned behaviour, so start practising now!
Others (the key relationshipsin your life).  Research indicates that happy people have more (and better quality) relationships than those who are negative.  Devote time to developing and fostering your key connections.
Strengths (your qualities and attributes).  Rather than spending time trying to fix their "weaknesses", happy  people use more time identifying and utilising their strengths.  Find out what you're good at and do it as much as possible.
Enjoy (things… and live in and appreciate the present).  By taking in the moment, you'll love life a lot more.
A big "thank you" to Dr. Timothy Sharp, aka Dr. Happy for these words.  Give it a try?
Christine R.

PostHeaderIcon Easy 5 Minute Meditation

Need an instant calm?  Try this five minute quick fix.

Lie or sit down comfortably and close your eyes.  If you can… do this outside.

Take a slow, deep breath through your nose, filling your chest and abdomen.

Exhale slowly through your mouth, completely emptying your lungs.

Continue breathing like this.

As you exhale, imagine that you're breathing out all of your worries and stress. Feel your body gradually becoming relaxed.

Now concentrate on the ground beneath you. Even if you're not… imagine that you're outside. Feel the grass beneath you and the soil beneath that.

Pay attention to what your senses are telling you. Smell the grass. Listen to the sound of the wind. Feel the air; the breeze on your skin.

When you're feeling calm, rested and quiet, you're done.  

I've been using this quick meditation for a long time now.  The more you do it, the quicker the results.  It's a refuge for any time that you're feeling stressed.  All you need is 5 minutes and somewhere quiet and private.  It will work for you… just give it a try.


Learn more about meditation?  Head for the Health & Wellness section.


Christine R.


PostHeaderIcon Your Inner Smile

I thought I would let you in on something I've been doing for myself for the past couple of weeks since I discovered this ancient Taoist practice that gives you an easy way to achieve a healthy state of mind, body and soul.  It’s a self help system for curing illness and stress and for enhancing all aspects of life.  The most famous practitioner of “The Inner Smile” is Grand Master Mantak Chia.  A google search will tell you more about him. 

For the best results Grand Master Chia recommends you practice the meditation both in the morning and at night before bed.  Your mood and sleep should improve, but only with practice, as with anything new. 

Sit comfortably on the edge of a chair with your palms on your knees.  Straighten your spine, lifting it up from the top of your head.  Then relax the muscles in your neck and throat.  Close your eyes.  If you believe you are tense, gently move your neck from side to side and take a couple of deep, deep breaths.  

Next, smile outwardly, using a positive memory to bring you a feeling of happiness.  And once you’ve a smile on your face, it’s time to smile inwardly. 

Picture a smiley face in your mind.  Bring that smile to the space between your eyebrows – your third eye or “yin tang” in Chinese medicine – allowing it to rest there for a few breaths. 

Now, take the smile and gently move it in turn to each part of your body.  Imagine your body as hollow and the smile as a glowing ball of light filling every dark corner.  If your smile gets stuck or fades at a tense of painful spot, breathe gently into that part of your body, imagining inhaled breath moving into that area.

If you’ve not meditated before, be aware that this is going to take some practice.  But it’s so worth it for the difference it will make to yourself and your life.

Reconnecting with your inner smile during the day – these are known as "half smiles".

1.  Put something in your bedroom that you see right away when you wake up.  Use this time before you get out of bed to take your first half smile of the day.   Do your morning full meditation before you leave for work or get started on your day.

 2.  Any free moments that you can find throughout the day… look at a child, a painting on the wall, a tree or just a cloud formation… anything that is relatively still.  Smile.  Inhale and exhale quietly three times.  Maintain the smile for as long as you can.

 3.  Angry?  Do your inner smile straight away.  Inhale and exhale quietly.  The anger should go away.

Having trouble imagining that “smiley face?”   Perhaps you’d enjoy the one I use.  I found it easier to concentrate on a smiley face that I'd actually seen.  I use a smiling sun, so that I can feel the warmth as well as enjoy the smile.  Click here to get your copy.  Print it out and put it in various places where you’re likely to practice your Inner Smile.  Enjoy.

 Christine R 


PostHeaderIcon Being Happy…

Not having a good day today?  Having trouble turning that frown upside down?  These might help…

1.  Be grateful and appreciate everything you have.

Quit focusing on what you don’t have.  Be grateful and appreciate all the good in your life.  It will really increase the possibility of happiness.  Some people keep a “grateful” diary and at the end of each day, write in it what they’ve been grateful for today.

2.  Surround yourself with positive people.

You can “catch” other people’s emotions.  So think hard on who you need as your friends. 

3.  Forgive.

A wise soul once wrote “Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die!”  Let go of old grudges.  Free yourself from that pain.  More happiness comes from less pain. 

4.  Declutter.

You’ve heard all about the mental benefits of decluttering!  Spend just one hour each weekend, starting with one room, until it’s all finished and tidy.  The next weekend, start again in another room.  Now, that’s not hard, is it?  And it’s a great feeling when you complete each room. 

5.  Buy yourself a gift!

There are some days when only shopping will help!  Give in to it. 

6.  Set small goals.

Yes, really small goals.  Work out your major goal.  Set four smaller goals that will help achieve the major one.  Decide which of the smaller goals to do first, second, etc.  Break the first one down into ridiculously small goals… and get the first one done now!  Still procrastinating?  Work on it for just five minutes.  A goal this small simply can’t be intimidating.  Right? 

7.  Delete unhelpful thoughts.

Find yourself thinking negative thoughts.  Stop.  And immediately replace that negative with a positive.  Repetition is the key.  Every negative thought to be replaced with positive.  Trust me… it will become a great habit and you’ll be a whole lot happier. 

8.  Talk like someone who is happy.

So you don’t feel happy today?  But if someone asks how you are, say “terrific” or “great” with a big smile.  Even faking it will improve your mood.  Go ahead… try it.  It works. 

9.  Get out into the fresh air.

It’s now been proven that low levels of Vitamin D can lead to osteoporosis.  Not fun!  If you’re a computerholic or an avid reader… just ten minutes of fresh air and sunshine will supply that Vitamin D as well as lifting your energy and your mood.  Don’t spend the whole lunch hour at your desk.  Aren’t you worth those ten minutes each day?  Or more? 

10.  Plan a trip.

Doesn’t matter if it’s ages away.  It’s having something to look forward to that will drag you through those dark days.  Can’t manage a big trip?  Heck… plan a series of one day outings with friends or family.  Put them in your calendar and start looking forward to them.

Nearly forgot a really big one!  Go out of your way to help someone today.  Think about it… commit to a random act of kindness each day.  Then enjoy the feeling, the euphoria, that can result from being kind to someone.

Want a copy of this "Being Happy" for yourself?  Download it right now.  Click here.  No cost.  In fact, if you know someone who would also enjoy this… you have giveaway rights, so just send it on to them, or tell them where to get it.

Be Happy!

Christine R.

PostHeaderIcon What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do…

Feeling stuck about what to do with your career, your relationship, home, your health, your life in general?  Yes?  So, you'd agree that it’s time to move away from the computer screen or tv and take a good look at what’s turned you into the person you’re not liking today? 

Here’s the steps you could take to "unstick" yourself, and if you'd like your own copy of this as a reminder, you'll find a link at the end of this post, to download an A4 poster of these points. 

1.  Acknowledge the problem:  Understand that whatever you focus on is what you end up getting more of.  (Grab your free copy of “The Master Key” from the “Instant Access” button in the right hand column before you leave this page today).  It’s all those questions… “What am I going to do with my life?”  “What if I’m making the wrong decision?”  that have you stuck and unhappy. 

2.  Change your focus:  Ask yourself the right question… “What can I do?”  and this will have your brain looking for all the ways to make things work. 

3.  Find your motivation and put it on paper:  Discover what motivates you deep down.  Look at what it is you do when you’ve got free time.  Notice your own behaviour.  The right questions to ask yourself… “what did I do last weekend for fun?”  “what blogs did I visit?”  “what books did I read?”  “what am I really good at?”  Start a journal about the answers to these.  Seeing those answers in black and white will really bring the message home to you about where your true motivation lies. 

4.  Do what you love doing:  If you haven’t found your what you love yet, keep looking.  Never settle.  Know that you’ll know when you find it. 

5.  Trust that everything will work out for you:  This is absolutely the hardest step.  You need to let go of the fear that you’re going to make the wrong decisions.  Work very hard at believing that everything is going to be okay.  You have to trust in something and when you can and do, this approach will make all the difference.

Just five things to do.  Can't be that hard?  Right?  For a free, small poster of these five steps, that you can print out and put up somewhere you'll see it often… click here.   Please come on back and let me know if this helps.  Good luck.

Christine R.

PostHeaderIcon Fighting The Weightloss Battle?

When I was in my teens and twenties, like a lot of other people I was lucky enough to be able to eat anything at all and not put on an ounce! Those days are long gone.  After cutting back on treats and it having a negligible effect on the weight loss, it took me a while to realize that the older you get, the more your metabolism slows.  So you can actually eat less and still gradually get bigger!

It's my own fault I know.  Sitting in front of a computer for most of the day doesn't help either. Neither does the fact that both Neil and I really enjoy our food… and our great Australian wines.  

So, for the last few years I've been determined to learn heaps about the basics of exercise, the right foods for weight loss and a whole lot more.  The results of all that research and learning, I've put together in my new eBook "Weight Loss Without Starvation!"   I've covered "the right mindset" as well as "metabolism and your weight" and a whole lot more.  There's heaps more details in the Health & Wellness area of the site, in the "Weight Loss & Fitness" section.  Neil just uploaded the new package for me today.

I found the hardest part was in getting past the "okay, this isn't going to cure itself" stage, and finally determining that I had to do something about my weight… for myself.  I'm still a work in progress, but I know I'm heading in the right direction.  I know a lot more than I did about taking care of myself and I feel a heck of a lot better than I did a few years ago.

As with any weight loss program… talk to your own medical advisor first.  They can be a huge help once you've made the decision to actually knuckle down and do something about the weight.

One of the best things I learned in this whole process, is the value of reading and understanding food labelling.  There were a lot of foods that didn't make a return trip to our pantry once I understood the "nutrition information" on the packet.  So… as a free bonus, I've included a special report "How To Read Food Labels" with the new "Weight Loss Without Starvation".   Remember, every eBook on this site comes with a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and we use the safest, fully encrypted payment processor available on the internet.  Your purchase is totally safe. 

It could be the final push you need to get started on doing what you know you need to.  You know what I mean.  Check it out by clicking here now, to get to the Weightloss & Fitness section.  Today's the day!  All the best.

Christine R.