Thanks for being here.

Friends and family over the years have asked "where do we get started with the Law of Attraction?"  But I've discovered that it's not just understanding what the LOA or “The Secret” is all about, it's also deciding what it is about yourself that you'd like to improve.

Is it relationships that you have problems with? Or does your self esteem need to improve before starting something new? Or maybe it's stress that's taken over your life.  And that's how this site, "The Secret… Solved" has evolved.

As family and friends asked for help, it became increasingly obvious that there's no fix that suits everyone. It's a journey… and yours can start right here if you're ready to commit to change.

Take a look through the "Your Journey" section (it's in the sidebar to the left). If your answers aren't there yet… I'm still working on finding more of the best assistance and solutions to particular personal problems. Bookmark us and make yourself a promise to visit regularly.  Or consider signing up to the RSS feed and joining our growing community.  That way, we automatically let you know when there's something new on the site.

Get involved. Leave your comments. We can all use a little input, a little help along the way, a little compassion.  This site is my own way of "giving back." 

Our help desk has received a stack of questions from new visitors to the site, so I've put together a "Who & What" section with heaps of answers on who I am and how the site works for you.  Click on the "Who & What"… page above, and all will be revealed!

Thanks for being here.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you. And again… Welcome.

Christine Robins.

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